After Uvalde, a Reckoning
After Uvalde, a Reckoning
After yet another mass shooting many are quick to blame a deeper sickness in America.
Published on: May 30, 2022  

This week Shadi and Damir sat down to discuss the Uvalde mass shooting and its aftermath. Tragedy has struck the American psyche once again. The murder of innocent children has Americans groping for answers but the seemingly scripted discourse in the wake of such tragedies provides anything but solid answers. Are there really any viable legislative paths to prevent such terrible shootings? Must everyone “read the room” when Twitter is collectively grieving?

As the conversation progresses, the discussion turns to liberals’ squeamishness about appearing patriotic and what to do when one’s political party changes before their eyes.

In Part 2 of their discussion, available here for subscribers, Shadi admits that he feels somewhat perplexed by swing voters—after all, who hasn’t had time to make up their minds by this point—only to find out that Damir is in fact one of these elusive voters. They go on to discuss their voting histories and ask whether Republicans are more antidemocratic than their counterparts. Also, Shadi admits that he views Mitt Romney and John McCain in a new light while Damir explains his concerns about Vice President Harris potentially taking over for an aging Biden.

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