Are We The Good Guys? A Debate with Glenn Greenwald
Are We The Good Guys? A Debate with Glenn Greenwald
One of the most prominent critics of American policy in Ukraine lays out his case.
Published on: Mar 10, 2022  

The firebrand journalist and author Glenn Greenwald joined us for a broad-ranging discussion on the war in Ukraine and the past few decades of American foreign policy. We tackled the comparisons between Russia's invasion, the Iraq War, and other disastrous American foreign policy failures. Does America's good intent set it apart from countries like Russia, or are we more similar than we care to admit?

In Part 2 of our conversation, available here for subscribers, we ask Glenn whether the U.S. should continue arming the Ukrainian resistance, and what an endgame would even look like. Shadi argues that, for all its faults, American hegemony is better than any of the available alternatives while Damir wonders whether "better" is even a relevant category. Perhaps a multipolar world is inevitable. If so, how should we think about such a world and our role in it?

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