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Excerpt Author
How Not to Stop Genocide Denial
How Not to Stop Genocide Denial Morality matters. But political will matters more.
August 02, 2021
how-not-to-stop-genocide-denial-excerpt Every time I return to the Balkans, I am struck by how raw and unvarnished politics can be here. The kind of sharp, and often violent, tussling that regularly occurs in these parts can be breathtaking after you have become too acculturated to the postwar Western political norms. To notice
July 30, 2021
The Temptations of Writing a Blank Essay
The Temptations of Writing a Blank Essay There is wisdom in silence.
July 26, 2021
the-temptations-of-writing-a-blank-essay-excerpt I was almost tempted to write a blank essay, as if to say that it is fine, at times, to avoid having an opinion or to not want to have an opinion. But that would be a gimmick, and we don’t do gimmicks at Wisdom of Crowds. Time, however,
July 23, 2021
What Brings Us Together?
What Brings Us Together? Communism, difference, and an unexpected family history.
July 20, 2021
what-brings-us-together-excerpt In all my travels across the countries that used to make up the former Yugoslavia, I have availed myself of a peculiar piety: I refuse to start conversations in Serbo-Croatian with anyone who does not consider it their native tongue. It always felt like a rude imposition to automatically fall
July 16, 2021
michael-brendan-dougherty-on-identity-and-modernity-part-two-excerpt Our conversation with Michael Brendan Dougherty picks up where Part One left off, with Damir steering the interview back to questions of identity: Do white Americans have a distinct identity? Is Islam the religion of the future? And are the right-wing governments in Poland and Hungary harbingers of the future
July 13, 2021