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Excerpt Author
dispatches-from-the-bubble-excerpt Matt meets Shadi and Damir in person for the first time and talks about his political upbringing, his short stint on Capitol Hill, and what it's like working for Republicans in D.C. Required Reading: "Decadence Doesn't Sound All That Bad," by Matt Winesett (Wisdom of Crowds)
April 09, 2021
why-christianity-failed-excerpt If there was ever a time for Christianity to make a triumphant return to a once Christian country, that time would be now—or perhaps five years ago. If there was a vacuum in American political life, due to a growing sense that something wasn’t quite right, then something
April 02, 2021
what-mass-shootings-do-and-dont-tell-us-excerpt Sometimes there is no obvious political motive.
April 01, 2021
american-faith-excerpt I was recently introduced to the beautiful writing of Wallace Stegner by my friend Rachel Rizzo. I’ve been reading a collection of his essays titled Marking the Sparrow’s Fall which, though drawn from various publications throughout his life, amount to a love letter to the American West. But
March 26, 2021
who-defines-conservatism-excerpt Conservative intellectuals can hem and haw all they want about how Donald Trump isn’t a “true conservative” because of his positions on trade, entitlements, foreign policy, et cetera, but when the overwhelming amount of self-identified conservatives voice their support for Trump (and by extension his positions), it’s tough
March 11, 2021
on-tour-with-shadi-and-damir-excerpt Damir and Shadi discuss Damir's past life touring the country as a drummer in a punk band. Yes, really. Listen To Some Tracks At Your Peril: "Won't Explain," The Brogues"Spoiler," The Miss
March 09, 2021
germany-and-the-egyptian-chicken-coup-excerpt The Truman Project's Rachel Rizzo stops by to talk about transatlantic relations in the Biden era. What does it mean that "America is back"? Will the Europeans and especially the Germans align themselves more fully with America and against China? And when should the U.S. use force in defense
February 28, 2021