The Democracy Essays
Democracy and Divine Justice
Democracy and Divine Justice Why do we think that the unjust behavior of democratic states will lead to their ruin?
When Democracies Lose Their Loveliness
When Democracies Lose Their Loveliness Success and inertia might prop up democracy for a few decades, but long-term legitimacy requires something deeper.
Who Counts As "The People"?
Who Counts As "The People"? With special guest Jason Willick of the Wall Street Journal.
Democracy’s Skeptics—and Its Necessity
Democracy’s Skeptics—and Its Necessity Democracy has always made some people nervous, even as it has transformed the world. That trend continues.
What is Democracy For?
What is Democracy For? For many people this is a strange question. Democracy’s value is self evident—the people rule, and it is good that they do. But is that enough?
Introducing The Democracy Essays
Introducing The Democracy Essays An exploratory series, curated by the founders of "Premises," a public philosophy project.
Civility and Consensus Are Overrated
Civility and Consensus Are Overrated Osita Nwanevu and Samuel Kimbriel know a better way.