Diplomacy Is a Dirty Business
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Diplomacy Is a Dirty Business
Did Henry Kissinger get overawed by the Chinese in 1972?
Published on: Jan 5, 2021  |  

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The end of 2020 found me falling into a series of rabbit-holes. First, I ended up revisiting some Faulkner for no real reason except that I found it on a bookshelf at my parents’ house in Zadar and I started reading. Next, I ended up diving into the details of Teddy Roosevelt's foreign policy and the emergence of American international ambitions at the turn of the century—not completely irrelevant to the book project I’m pursuing, but probably not worth more than a paragraph in its eventual introduction.

Then, in the closing days of the year, I fell waist-deep into Nixon and Kissinger's trip to China.

. . .

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