Does the "Fascism" Debate Matter?
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Does the "Fascism" Debate Matter?
Unfortunately for all of us, it appears that it does.
Published on: Jan 19, 2021  |  

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Does the Trump-as-fascist debate matter? It certainly continues with no sign of abating. I wish it were otherwise. If Trump brings out the worst in his opponents, then it follows that any discussion about Trump poisons analysis and understanding. This is his way, and this is why I wished that we could have moved on from him as the conceptual frame for understanding day-to-day developments in American politics.

After a peaceful and orderly election day and after Biden was confirmed the victor the following Saturday, I quickly claimed vindication, too quickly it turned out. Twitter sometimes makes you want to settle scores, and I took the opportunity to say in effect but hopefully more subtly: "I told you so."

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