Europe's Holy War
Europe's Holy War
Berlin-based journalist Elisabeth Zerofsky joins us to debate what war in Ukraine means for Europe's future.
Published on: Mar 4, 2022  

This week, Berlin-based journalist and New York Times Magazine contributing writer Elisabeth Zerofsky joins us to discuss how Russia's invasion of Ukraine has changed Europe. What explains the righteous fury of previously pacific Germans? Shadi asks Elisabeth and Damir what a "red line" in Ukraine could possibly be—or if it even exists. How might the United States respond in hypothetical scenarios of large-scale massacres and the leveling of entire cities?

In Part 2, available here for subscribers, we debate whether Europe has a preference for white—and specifically non-Muslim—refugees. "Anti-immigrant" leaders on the far-right are, all of a sudden, discovering a soft spot for migrants. Are Europeans racist? Perhaps, the argument goes, it's easier to integrate Ukrainians because they are secular, culturally similar, and look like "us." Can that ever justify the double standard? Shadi decides to do away with caution and make a rather controversial argument.

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