Getting Beyond Trump
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Getting Beyond Trump
This is where I part ways with my “un-woke” comrades.
Published on: Nov 17, 2020  |  

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One of the reasons I was hoping for a Biden win (besides, of course, caring for the state of the country and the world) was that it would allow Americans to free themselves from the grip of Trump. After four years of personality-driven foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, we could at least try to talk about foreign policy as its own, separate theater, rather than an extension of our own domestic, partisan debates.

Here, I find myself parting ways with my sometime-comrades on the "un-woke" side of the spectrum, which tends to lean pro-Israel. (I'd argue that in some abstract sense I'm pro-Israel too, in that I believe in Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, but in the actual American debate it's quite clear that I'm not, and probably shouldn't be, considered "pro-Israel.") I was not enthusiastic, and am still not enthusiastic, about recent "Abraham Accords" struck between between Israel and various Arab states, two of which are among the most repressive in the region. I also find myself parting ways with my comrades when it comes to the ongoing and rather charged debate over Islam in France, which was the subject of my previous column. It's not difficult to read the subtext: I diverge on these issues because I diverge when it comes to the role of Islam in public life and politics.

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