How Radical is the New Right?
How Radical is the New Right?
Sam Adler-Bell guides us through the burgeoning new conservative movement.
Published on: Dec 19, 2021  

This week we were joined by Sam Adler-Bell, cohost of the Know Your Enemy podcast and author of a much-talked about article on the "New Right." Who are they, what do they really believe, and why are their ideas attractive to a growing number of young conservatives? We debate the New Right's belief that liberals have already won the battle for America's soul, and how this perception of defeat has fueled an almost apocalyptic radicalism.

Part 2 of our conversation is available here for subscribers. We debate the role of intellectuals and ideas in American politics. How much do they actually matter in the end? We also peel back the curtain on Sam's journalistic process when interviewing his ideological foes.

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