Open Thread: Trump and the Rule of Law
Open Thread: Trump and the Rule of Law
To prosecute, or not to prosecute, that is the question.
Published on: Aug 17, 2022  |  

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Here is this week’s Q&A open thread—us posing a question to the community, and asking you to reply and challenge us in comments. We’ll be in there with you, mixing it up.

We recently upgraded our commenting platform on the site and would like to see it become a place where we engage more with our readers and listeners—as well as a place to discuss, debate, and think together on the kinds of questions that have animated Wisdom of Crowds from the beginning.

The premise of Wisdom of Crowds remains the same—and we think it’s more important than ever. It’s about getting at first principles: Why do we believe what we believe? What are the core questions upon which we can build consensus? Is it even desirable to have consensus in the first place? Is it better, instead, to use debate and discussion to discover what makes us different rather than what might make us similar?

On to this week's question:

Is the United States a “nation of laws”—which would imply that not going after Donald Trump would fatally undermine our country?

As background and as a conversation starter, Shadi and Damir discussed this issue in some depth in last week's podcast episode:

What does the raid on Trump’s residence say about the state of our democracy?

And here is this week’s Monday Note by Shadi, throwing more grist into the mill:

Careful How You Bring Trump Down
There is no reason to celebrate the recent turn of events. This is a time to be nervous.

Hope to see you in the comments!