Our Goldfish Brains
Our Goldfish Brains
Can Americans be serious about values in the age of Netflix and Twitter?
Published on: Mar 29, 2022  

In a classic wide-ranging episode, Shadi and Damir kick things off by noticing that the Ukraine War is no longer capturing “the discourse” as it did a week ago. Does how we consume media make it difficult for us to grapple with the moment’s most important stories? And does the same phenomenon make us overrate the importance of things like wokeness?

As the conversation proceeds, and talk turns to Biden’s democracy-versus-autocracy worldview, Damir asks Shadi if he would have supported the Vietnam War, and whether he might one day end up a politician.

In Part 2 of our conversation, available here, Shadi and Damir discuss whether early Islamic wars of conquest were justified and whether eternal punishment is what makes true justice possible. Regardless of the objective reality of God’s existence, would it be “better” for God to exist?

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