Philosophy, Ukraine, and the Return of Finitude
Philosophy, Ukraine, and the Return of Finitude
What should the West be fighting for?
Published on: Mar 18, 2022  

What’s the nature of our enemy in Ukraine? Is it Putin, Russia, or authoritarianism? What are the sources of the West’s strength and its capacities for revival? And how should we think about evil in the world? The political philosopher Samuel Kimbriel joins Shadi and Damir to help unpack these questions, and many others in a wide-ranging philosophical discussion.

In Part 2 of our conversation with Samuel Kimbriel, available here,  the debate intensifies around whether finitude entails a more confrontational American foreign policy or a more humble one. Will the threat of an external enemy push Americans out of their decadence and towards a new kind of proto-messianism?

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