Should We Enforce a No-Fly Zone, Risks be Damned?
Should We Enforce a No-Fly Zone, Risks be Damned? In a special bonus episode, Damir Marusic and Shadi Hamid debate U.S. intervention in Ukraine.
Europe's Holy War
Europe's Holy War Berlin-based journalist Elisabeth Zerofsky joins us to debate what war in Ukraine means for Europe's future.
Europe's "Racist" Refugee Policy
Europe's "Racist" Refugee Policy Is it human nature to prioritize people who look like you? Or is it just bigotry plain and simple? (Episode 89: Part II)
What Can Putin Do?
What Can Putin Do? The world is aligning against Russia in the Ukraine war. What now?
The Nuclear Option
The Nuclear Option How Putin will try to keep us at bay. (Episode 88: Part II)
Breaking Down Ukraine
Breaking Down Ukraine How to fail to stop a murderous invasion.
The (Aggressive) Pursuit of Happiness
The (Aggressive) Pursuit of Happiness Special guest Joy Marie Clarkson discusses death, depression, beauty, God, and how to live a good life.
On Death and Religion
On Death and Religion How should we think about the finitude of life? (Episode 86: Bonus)
Revolution! How should we think about movements that seek to upend society?
The Temptations of 'Permanent Revolution'
The Temptations of 'Permanent Revolution' How revolutionary is the woke revolution? (Episode 85: Part II)