Seeking Questions for the New World
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Seeking Questions for the New World
We want to hear your questions about Ukraine and the changing state of geopolitics.
Published on: Mar 23, 2022  |  

The world has changed since the last time we collected questions for Q&A posts with Shadi and Damir. In light of the new world we find ourselves in, we wanted to give our members an opportunity to send us new questions. We are planning on releasing our next Q&A on Tuesday, March 29. Questions can be submitted by email or through Twitter.

For those of you who are new to Wisdom of Crowds, we'll be doing these every other week, where you can ask us (almost) anything your heart desires. We'll answer a couple each time. Anyone is welcome to submit questions, but these posts will only be available to paid subscribers. If you missed our previous Q&A features, check them out here.

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