The Tragic: A Year in Review
The Tragic: A Year in Review A hopeful coda to a terrible twelve months.
December 31, 2020
The Best of Intentions
The Best of Intentions With racial ethics infringing on matters of life and death, wokeness is no longer performance art. It is dangerous.
December 27, 2020
When Diplomacy is a Fetish
When Diplomacy is a Fetish How the idealism of the Biden administration could prevent it from pursuing sound policies abroad.
December 02, 2020
Getting Beyond Trump
Getting Beyond Trump This is where I part ways with my “un-woke” comrades.
November 17, 2020
Live Blogging the Vote
Live Blogging the Vote A Twitter surrogate for those that can't take Twitter any more.
November 03, 2020
France's Islam Problem
France's Islam Problem Plus nightmare scenarios, and poor old Godwin.
November 03, 2020