The Best of Intentions
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The Best of Intentions
With racial ethics infringing on matters of life and death, wokeness is no longer performance art. It is dangerous.
Published on: Dec 27, 2020  |  

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Most things don't matter, or at least they don't matter all that much, and "we"—whoever we are—shouldn't feel any particular need to comment on them. Wokeism has been hard for me to judge. Those of you who have followed my thoughts here and elsewhere have probably watched me vacillate, sometimes dismissing it as not the end of the world (well, nothing is) and other times taking it quite seriously, perhaps too seriously. I had hoped to move on. I don't want to spend even a small part of my life being outraged about the wrong things. But, then, there was something very much worth being outraged about. Part of me still can't believe that what happened these past two weeks actually happened. But it did.

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