The New War Over Free Speech, with Greg Lukianoff
The New War Over Free Speech, with Greg Lukianoff
"Cancel culture" isn't just someone being mean to you on Twitter. But what exactly is it? Is it getting worse?
Published on: Dec 29, 2021  

It used to be called "political correctness." It had its heyday in the 1990s, then it went underground. While we weren't paying attention, an entire architecture of speech restrictions was being built on campuses across the country. Greg Lukianoff, CEO of FIRE and co-author of the bestselling The Coddling of the American Mind, joins us to discuss what he calls the "second great age of political correctness."

When people say cancel culture isn't real, are they arguing in good faith? One part of the story is the lack of diversity in American universities—in disciplines like anthropology, the ratio of liberal to conservative professors is 42 to 1. If we care so much about diversity, why don't we seem to care about viewpoint diversity?

Part 2 of our conversation is available here for subscribers. Is unfettered free speech better for the powerful or the weak? We also discuss a perhaps more philosophical question: does anyone really support free speech, or do they only support it when it serves their interests?

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