The World According to Joe Biden
The World According to Joe Biden
The state of the State of the Union, according to Damir and Shadi.
Published on: Mar 1, 2022  |  

Damir — (10:10): Doesn't feel like our moment. But know hope.

Damir — (10:05): I know many of you might be too young for this, but Biden's glitches take me back.

Shadi — (9:59): The first genuinely surprising moment of the night: "The answer is not to defund the police. It's to fund the police." Can't say I expected that.

Shadi — (9:57): Lol at Damir's previous comment.

Damir — (9:54): I keep looking at Veep Harris looming in the background, and I imagine the future...

Shadi — (9:50): It's remarkable how quickly COVID is being memory-holed.

Damir — (9:47): COVID's dead. Just in time for the next World War. Reverse of the Spanish Flu.

Damir — (9:43): Don't like pandemic. Don't like fraud. Two bad tastes that taste awful together. Get 'em!

Shadi — (9:41): All of this is important, but I can't but help but feel deflated. It all feels so small, even though these are things that affect Americans more than the Ukraine war will (at least for the time being).

Shadi — (9:39): Zack Beauchamp and Damir said it first: For better or worse, I think I'm realizing that it's hard for me to focus on domestic politics when there's a foreign policy crisis going on.

Damir — (9:36): On the one hand, I love the whole schtick about these SOTUs. On the other hand, I find the use of people as props to be very... unsettling, somehow. Double when it's children.

Damir — (9:31): Zack's where I'm at.

Shadi — (9:28): 'I'm kinda missing Trump' (thought bubble of something I wouldn't say publicly)

Damir — (9:26): It's not just that our President is not a great orator. It's, as Sam Goldman argues, that the speeches themeselves are just getting dumber and dumber.

Damir — (9:22): The Biden administration is briefing journalists that estimates are that the Ukraine war could last 10-30 years. Maybe now is not the time to set out the stakes in more detail beyond "autocracy versus democracy". And obviously Americans care more about the economy than war at this point. Still, feels like it's a missed opportunity, given how momentous this moment feels.

Shadi — (9:20pm): "Democracies versus autocracies." Drink.

Shadi — (9:19): So far, so good. Not exceptional. But I don't have any major objections, which is something I haven't felt about a SOTU speech in, what, five years?

Damir — (9:16): Here comes the assurance of non-intervention. I'm glad to see it, this is very important. I know Shadi doesn't love to see it, but this is exactly what needs to be said. Check my Twitter feed for why this is so.

Damir — (9:14): Biden clearly needs to be vigorous at a time of war. I wish he wasn't trying so hard to do so. Biden's never been a great orator. I don't like to see our leader stumbling over his speech at a time like this.

Shadi — (9:07pm): Based on the lack of masking, it is fair to say that COVID has officially ended, as of today.

Shadi — (9:01pm): For better and worse, Damir and I have decided to live-blog the State of the Union address.