Ukraine and the Problem of Evil
Ukraine and the Problem of Evil
In a special live episode, Shadi and Damir debated whether dictatorship prevents humans from becoming their true selves.
Published on: Mar 22, 2022  |  

Last week we tried something new by recording a live special episode via Twitter Spaces. We had a discussion around how our first principles influence our view of the war in Ukraine and the role of evil in the world. Listeners who joined us live were able to join in on the discussion with questions and comments.

Can ordinary citizens be evil or should that designation be reserved for regimes? If authoritarianism prevents humans from becoming their true selves, as Shadi suggests, where does authoritarianism come from?

Due to the nature of Twitter Spaces, this special episode is currently only available on Twitter.

As Wisdom of Crowds continues to grow, we are looking for ways to facilitate a greater sense of community. Twitter Spaces allow listeners to raise their hands and join in on the conversation, so we wanted to give it a try because we want to hear from you.

We hope you'll give it a listen and we'd appreciate your feedback in the comments below.