Wanted: Associate Editor
Wanted: Associate Editor
Come join our team!
Published on: Sep 9, 2021  |  

Wisdom of Crowds is growing fast, and we’re really excited. We are looking for a new Associate Editor to help us get to the next level—a real core member of the team.

On a weekly basis, our Associate Editor:

But the ideal candidate is also a collaborative partner in brainstorming, both in soliciting outside contributors and in coming up with ideas on how to grow. There are plenty of opportunities in personal development—writing, participating, marketing. We’ve got ideas, but we’d like to hear yours too.

The job is paid, and part-time—for now. Ideally 15-20 hours per week, and we’re flexible. Upfront: the sums are modest, but with growth we expect that this amount can grow.

If interested, send us a note and a CV here.