Mar 8, 2020 • 1HR 5M

Episode 12: Sanders’ Goldwater Moment and The Future of the Left

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Wisdom of Crowds
Agreement is nice. Disagreement is better.
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In the shadow of Bernie Sanders’ underperforming on Super Tuesday, Shadi and Damir welcome author Ben Judah to the podcast to talk about the enduring promise of left-populism in an Age of Trump.

Relevant Reading: “Left Populism and the Rediscovery of Agonistic Politics,” by Shadi Hamid

Traditional ‘foreign policy’ no longer exists. Democrats are the last to know,” by David Adler and Ben Judah

Hawks say Sanders will be weak on Russia. But Putin should fear a President Bernie,” by Ben Judah and David Adler

Is Joe Biden the American Brezhnev?” by Ben Judah

The Emergence of Foreign Policy,” by Halvard Leira