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Wisdom of Crowds
Episode 64: Donald Rumsfeld Knew He Was Right

Episode 64: Donald Rumsfeld Knew He Was Right

Wisdom of Crowds associate editor Matt Winesett joins Damir and Shadi to debate Donald Rumsfeld's legacy and if his mistakes permanently discredited nation building and democracy promotion abroad. They also discuss how younger Millennials perceived the Iraq War, whether Bushism or Trumpism would better serve the GOP's future, how much politicians' personal character ultimately matters, and much more.

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Recommended Reading:

  • “The Defense Secretary Who Let Bin Laden Get Away,” by Peggy Noonan (The Wall Street Journal)

  • “The Hubris of Donald Rumsfeld,” by Damir Marusic (Wisdom of Crowds)

  • “Oh, the Audacity!” by Shadi Hamid (Wisdom of Crowds)

  • Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream, by Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam (Amazon)

  • American Conservatism: Reclaiming an Intellectual Tradition, by Andrew Bacevich (Amazon)

  • "Dispatches From the Conservative Bubble," with Matt Winesett, Damir Marusic, and Shadi Hamid (Wisdom of Crowds)

  • "The Poetry of D. H. Rumsfeld," by Donald Rumsfeld (Slate)

Wisdom of Crowds
Wisdom of Crowds
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