Aug 6, 2021 • 57M

Are Vaccine Mandates Racist?

In liberal cities, recalcitrant MAGA-types would not be the people most affected.

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Damir Marusic
Shadi Hamid
Agreement is nice. Disagreement is better.
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Fresh off a joint trip to Europe, Shadi and Damir debate if the Balkans are where political theories go to die, and "Great Man" interpretations of history are vindicated. They also observe how Americans' and Europeans' responses to COVID continue to differ, and lament the return of DC's mask mandate. Finally, Damir and Shadi discuss the conundrum facing liberal politicians pressured to enact vaccine mandates. Are they a necessary step to corral intransigent holdouts? Or a new form of discrimination against blacks and hispanics, who are vaccinated at lower rates than whites?

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