I would also contend that contemporary jargon gives a sense of time and place to literature. I find it jarring to read historical dramas that use modern phrases and social concepts out of context for the era. Yes, I have to work a bit to translate the words into modern conception but I appreciate being transported back to another time and circumstances.

As for the effect of the internet, one can only hope that there will come a reckoning of the banality of the banal.

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Good point. Part of the fun in reading 19th century novels for me is learning about the “pop” culture of that time.

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I'll have to pick this up. I'm currently reading Franzen's Purity and people could make a similar case that precisely because of the story arc it only makes sense inside a certain cultural and social moment. But literature I guess is not there to simply transcend us but also to ground us, to stare us in the face and give us a moment of realisation no matter how fleeting it may be. It is in this way I have always found philosophy and literature to be intertwined.

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