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I'd just like to push back a little bit on what David said about whether society gets to define higher goods now or not. I'm not so sure that's the case, for example, if a guy spends his time masturbating and playing video games there are a variety of societal mechanisms that define that as a 'waste of time'. For instance, that man is seen as less likely to have a partner, they are oftentimes made fun of by others, they are a stereotype for a type of failing of the self. So, whilst we may not actively coerce people to stop doing those things, we certainly have, I think, quite high levels of judgement which at the very least ostracise those who are doing those acts.

I was reading a piece today in a paper about how we need to stop portraying every act as brave and living our best life. Yet, underneath that is the context that modern western societies have moved towards value maximisation as a way to live. We have seen this not just through 'life hacks' but increasing exposure for ways of living that are deemed superior, whether that is in the gross accumulation of material goods, dating multiple conventionally attractive women, or going out all the time and spending almost all our time with friends doing activities.

So, I think despite our pretensions, or even attempts to manufacture a 'you do you' society guiding our politics, i believe we are long way away from that in reality.

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