Wisdom of Crowds
Wisdom of Crowds
Episode 52: Who Counts As "The People"?

Episode 52: Who Counts As "The People"?

On today's show, Jason Willick of the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Page stops by to discuss all things representation: Does the filibuster still serve a beneficial purpose?  How can we balance both rural and urban interests? Should representatives mirror their voters' preferences or rely on their personal judgment? And how does the rise of Big Tech factor into all this?

Required Reading:

  • The Politics of Size: Representation in the United States, 1776–1850, by Rosemarie Zagarri (Amazon)

  • Why Cities Lose: The Deep Roots of the Urban-Rural Political Divide, by Jonathan A. Rodden (Amazon)

  • Inventing the People: The Rise of Popular Sovereignty in England and America, by Edmund S. Morgan (Amazon)

  • Representation in the American Revolution, by Gordon S. Wood (Amazon)

  • Representation, by Monica Brito Vieira and David Runciman (Amazon)

  • The Concept of Representation, by Hanna F. Pitkin (Amazon)

  • Political Representation (Cultural Memory in the Present), by F. R. Ankersmit (Amazon)

  • The Democracy Essays (Wisdom of Crowds)

  • "Civility and Consensus Are Overrated," with Osita Nwanevu and Samuel Kimbriel (Wisdom of Crowds)

Wisdom of Crowds
Wisdom of Crowds
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