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The Case for Honesty in Foreign Policy

Can the Faithful Do Power Politics?

How To Regain Your Sense of Wonder

We Need to Talk About Biden

A Lost Sense of Wonder

The Virtue Politics of Mitt Romney

An Anthropological Account of European Leisure

Spilling Out Our Lives

Is a Better World Possible Without American Power?

Wisdom of Crowds is On Fire This Summer

The Right-Wing Case for Left-Wing Economics

My Complicated Relationship with Barack Obama

How a Massacre Changed My Perspective on Politics

What's the Meaning of Meaning?

Electing Officials By Lottery Can Save Democracy

Politicizing the Law

The Masculine World Is Adrift

The Ideal Man Exists

Highlight: "Authoritarian regimes don't like philosophy"

Should Parents Be Allowed to Opt Out of LGBTQ-Themed Lessons?

An Illiberal Muslim Secedes from America

The End of Representative Democracy

Come and See War For What It Is

The Right's Plot for a Moral Transformation

On Remembering and Forgetting

Is the Supreme Court Legitimate?

Will Humanism Deliver Us From Real Living Fascism?

Fraternité Burns In France

America is Great Precisely Because It's Not

Scattershot Impressions From a Lost Realm

Like Beauty, Decline Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Is American Decline Inevitable?

Debating Free Will and Sin

Prigozhin's Terrible Charisma

The Experts Are Out of Ideas: A Debate

This Really is Europe

"A religious attitude toward the Universe is obviously appropriate"

Why Decline Is Never Inevitable

The Ideological Plates Are Shifting

Do Democrats Dream of Philosopher-Kings?

Faith, Spirituality, and the Beauty of Not Knowing

Among the Unbelievers

We're Just Getting Started

Do Liberals Have a God Problem?

Is Democracy "Beautiful"?

Is Spirituality Possible Without God?

Introducing the Wisdom of Crowds Video Podcast

Big Ideas (Don't Get Any): A Substack Chat

The Secular Faith of Therapy

Are Big Ideas Still Possible? With Ross Douthat

Thread: Is Therapy Making Us Miserable?

Never Forget, and Never Be Certain

Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places

Is It Enough to Tie Your Camel and Trust in God?

The Modern Nation Messed Everything Up

Thinking Is Risky

For the People to Exist, You Must Believe in Them

The Charm of Anti-Competence

Why Ancient Israel Was Not a Modern Nation

Has America Reached its Limit?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Democracy

What's There To Live For If You Only Live Online?

The Limits of Deep Difference

The Case Against Consensus

A New Beginning

Dare To Cross The Red Line

A Pundit Loses His Head

Some Unpopular Thoughts on International Justice

Iraq and the Folly of Hindsight

ChatGPT and the Consciousness Trap

Is Ambivalence Really So Bad?

Can Mass Democracy Work?

Is the GOP Irredeemable?

Should We Have a Deep State?

Live In Pittsburgh: The Problem of Democracy

ChatGPT and Me

It's Not Really About Cancel Culture

Who Decides Our Desires?

How a Philosopher of Terror Became Just Another Curiosity

The Eternal Return of the Paranoid Style

Are Muslims Boring Now?

George Kennan and the Restrainers

How to Get Normal Politics Back

Life is Inherently Uncomfortable

A Series of Moments, Frozen in Time