Sitemap - 2020 - Wisdom of Crowds

The Tragic: A Year in Review

The Best of Intentions

Episode 41: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Democracy Works Even Without Democrats

Politics as Playacting

Episode 40: The Death of Liberal Democracy Won't Be Televised

Episode 39: The Cultural Roots of Coping with COVID (Live)

When Diplomacy is a Fetish

The Crisis of Permanent Polarization

Episode 38: "...If You Can Keep It..."

Getting Beyond Trump

The Disease of Delegitimization

Episode 37: An Optimistic Take on the 2020 Vote

Live Blogging the Vote

France's Islam Problem

Episode 36: Who's the Biggest Threat?


Episode 35: Jewish Identity in the Age of Trump

The Case for Guarded Optimism

Episode 34: The Romance of Righteousness

Why Idealism is the Enemy of Democracy

On Romance and Being in a Constant State of Alarm

Episode 33: The Things We Do To Each Other

Episode 32: The Looming Crisis of Legitimacy

How the Death of Faith Will Hurt the Left

Episode 31: Smart People and Dumb Ideas

The Distortion of a Virus and the End of American Exceptionalism

Episode 30: The Revolution May Not Be Televised

How Much Self-Disgust Can a Nation Sustain?

How Much Self-Disgust Can a Nation Sustain?

Episode 29: Writing, Working Out, and Why Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Evil

First Draft: The Moral Perils of Pessimism

The Moral Perils of Pessimism

Episode 28: Victorians, Manners, and the Woke Wars

White, Capitalized

Episode 27: Reassessing the Reactionary Right

Episode 26: The Moral Trap of Universal Values

First Draft: Is there a way to promote democracy abroad without promoting liberalism?

Is there a way to promote democracy abroad without promoting liberalism?

What's the Point of a "One-State" Solution?

Episode 25: Arguing the One-State Solution

Episode 24: Can Religion Heal Our Racial Divides?

Do We Care About Human Rights?

How Anti-Woke Should You Be?

How Anti-Woke Should You Be?

An Experiment

Episode 23: Progress, Religion, Steve Albini, and the Kinks

Episode 22: Activism and Its Discontents (Live)

Episode 21: A How-To Guide to Thinking Through the Apocalypse

Episode 20: Fixing Things in Fragile Democracies, with Mikheil Saakashvili

Episode 19: Cry Havoc. Really, Really Cry.

Episode 18: Live, Amidst the Flames

Episode 17: How The Expert Fetish Might Re-Elect Trump

Episode 16: The Folly of Individuals

Episode 15: Trump Versus Coronavirus and the Elites

Episode 14: The Dangerous Temptation of Ideals and Anti-Politics

Episode 13: Coronavirus and the Future of Politics

Episode 12: Sanders’ Goldwater Moment and The Future of the Left

Episode 11: The Weaponization of Wokeness

Episode 10: The Russians and Their Souls