Sitemap - 2021 - Wisdom of Crowds

Ending A Garbage Year On An Acceptable Note

The New War Over Free Speech, with Greg Lukianoff

A Dead End Year

Questions From the Crowd: Inaugural Edition

Omicron Panic and Liberal Hysteria

How Radical is the New Right?

The Unserious Generation

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

Power, Ambition, and Happiness

Am I Still a Progressive?

We Need to Talk About Biden

110 Days After the Fall of Kabul

I Don’t Care About Your Feelings

I Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Rittenhouse and Our Broken Democracy

The Rittenhouse Trial and the Value of Silence

The Coming Storm

Can Democrats Bounce Back?

In Virginia, Democracy Worked

The Republican Zombie Party

A Climate of Foolish Optimism

America Is Like the Middle East

Enough With the Masks Already!

Solutionism Is Not the Solution

Fixing Failed States, America Edition

Is America a "Shitty" Country?

Fighting China For All The Right Reasons

A Democracy, If You Can Keep It

Is America Actually Great?

The Founders Didn't Believe in Democracy

American Narcissism

The Missionary Position

When We Were Young

Can We Even Do This If We Try?

America’s Maximalist Phase is Over. There May Not Be Another One

A Lament for American Foreign Policy

Our Age of Ambition Comes to a Close

Who Wrecked Afghanistan?

Afghanistan and America's Liberal Empire

To Have All The Right Enemies

Among the Believers

Are Vaccine Mandates Racist?

How Not to Stop Genocide Denial

The Temptations of Writing a Blank Essay

What Brings Us Together?

Identity, Culture, and the False Promise of Liberation

Children, Wokeness, and the Tyranny of Culture

Episode 64: Donald Rumsfeld Knew He Was Right

The Hubris of Donald Rumsfeld

The Death Knells of American Democracy?

Oh, the Audacity!

Is American Democracy Inherently Flawed?

The Diminishing Returns of American Exceptionalism

Episode 63: Will Europe Become a Geopolitical Backwater?

Morality is Impossible Without Power

Episode 62: Nice Woke Parents

How Liberal Triumphalism Breeds Passivity

Democracy and Divine Justice

Ross Douthat on Decadence, Wokeness, and UFOs

Why America Needs Hypocrisy

Episode 60: Sohrab Ahmari on Liberalism, Tradition and "Political Catholicism"

The Pointlessness of Playing the Victim

Episode 59: Israel, Palestine, and the Problem of Morality

I'm Angry About Palestine. Should You Be?

Episode 58: Will We Ever Be The Same?

There Are No Global Solutions to Global Problems

Episode 57: Can Islam Be Liberal?

Consensus Is Difficult. But Is It Even Necessary?

What Happens When Americans Give Up On God?

Episode 56: What's the Matter With Europe?

Between Brussels and Jerusalem

Episode 55: The World According to Glenn Greenwald

To Attack the Founding

When Democracies Lose Their Loveliness

Episode 54: America's Exceptional Resilience

Selfishness and American Resilience

Why Christianity Failed

Episode 53: Losing Our Religion

The Paradox of American Faith

Decadence Doesn't Sound All That Bad

Who Counts As "The People"?

Episode 52: Who Counts As "The People"?

Democracy’s Skeptics—and Its Necessity

What is Democracy For?

Introducing The Democracy Essays

Civility and Consensus Are Overrated

Episode 51: Civility and Consensus Are Overrated

Who Defines Conservatism?

Episode 50: Islam, Keto, and the Problem of Evil

Episode 49: Was Trump's Foreign Policy As Bad As We Think?

The Return of Boredom

Episode 48: Who Are the Real Realists?

The Strange World of Anti-Natalism

Episode 47: The Sources of Our Discontent

Reflections on What's to Come

Episode 46: How Big is the White Supremacist Threat?

Learning How to Think

The Death of Our Most Cherished Pieties

Episode 45: The Game Stops Now

The Power of Positive Thinking

Episode 44: Fantasy and Reality in Biden's America

History Returned on January 6

Does the "Fascism" Debate Matter?

Episode 43: Mending What's Torn

Episode 42: The Darkness and the Light

Diplomacy Is a Dirty Business